Food Shopping

Here are our nearby favorites:

  • Supermarket: Super Stop & Shop, 228 King St.
  • Natural Food Co-op: River Valley Market, 330 N. King St.
  • Fresh Fish: North Shore Seafood, 166 King St.

And a bit farther away (maybe 15 min):

  • Whole Foods, 327 Russell St, Hadley
  • Trader Joe's, 375 Russell St, Hadley


Northampton is renowned for its many excellent places to eat. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Great Wall, 176 Pine St. (Florence) is a typical family-style Chinese Restaurant, that does not use msg, uses fresh vegetables, and cooks with more ginger than soy sauce.
  • Taipei & Tokyo, 16 Crafts Ave., has our favorite sushi. Good miso soup too.
  • Thai Garden, 2 Bridge St., nice curries and pad thai.
  • Joe’s Pizza, 33 Market St., classic family-style Italian restaurant with some contemporary pizza varieties.
  • India House, 45 State St.
  • Sylvesters (for breakfast), 111 Pleasant St.

and so many more...


  • The Y is across the street. They do have a daily use fee. If you happen to be a Y member from somewhere else, you may get in for free or cheap.
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  • Local outdoor activities, events, etc:
  • Local activities of interest to families with children:
  • Contra Dancing: